What is the difference between a 3G and 4G network?

A 3G internet connection is very popular around the world. Many places in the UK have access to 3G which enables smartphone, laptop and tablet operators to take advantage of a fast internet speed. Tablets, smartphones and laptops which have been launched recently have an in-built 3G connection. Consequently, as soon as they are in a 3G hotspot, it can instantly connect if its operator chooses to do so. 3G is an improvement on 2G which has a slower internet speed in comparison. A 4G network is now available in many countries and it is seen as being the next big thing in wireless technology. So, what is the difference between a 3G and 4G network?

3G and 4G Network


A 4G wireless network has a much faster internet speed than what 3G is capable of. Smartphone and laptop operators in such countries as South Korea and India that have a 4G network have noticed a huge difference between them. 3G wireless already has a faster download speed than 2G but 4G is even quicker. 4G wireless can download videos up to ten times quicker than 3G. When a large video is streamed online, such as a film, it won’t take as long on 4G when compared to 3G. For further information on 3g technology click here

Limited reach at present

Many towns and cities around the world do not currently have a 3G network. In the UK, there are vast areas of some counties which don’t have a 3G reach. However, more masts are being built which aims to increase the number of tablets, smartphones and laptops that can connect to 3G. The reach of 4G is also minimal and some countries don’t have it yet. This is bound to change, especially as the world continues to crave a faster internet speed than what it has at the moment.

Stream video and surf the web

When a smartphone or a tablet connects to a 4G network, it can handle more data than 3G. Although a 4G mobile phone company is expected to set limits on how much can be downloaded, it is bound to be more than what 3G can offer. If a smartphone is used for downloading video and surfing many websites at once, it can cope with doing so. If everybody in a family home has smartphones or laptops, the maximum monthly download limit can be reached. It can also take a long time to download many videos individually but 4G can cope with such demand. The businesses which are in countries that already have a 4G network have noticed that many of their employees are able to access a Cloud network at the same time where there are minimal disruptions to their productivity.

Although many countries around the world are yet to have a 4G wireless network, it can still benefit from 3G. However, businesses and homeowners probably won’t have long to wait until the Fourth Generation of mobile communications is available in their area.

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